1. Why do you make anthropomorphic art dolls using mummified animal parts?

Because I'm quite awful at sculpting with marble and clay.

2. How do you justify killing a sentient, living creature just to make a dumb doll?

Easy. I don't.
Death gets around just fine without any help from me; it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I get animals from a variety of places. That includes:

-Food farms - when an animal is killed to be eaten, the heads and feet would typically go to waste.

-Natural or accidental farm deaths - It's sad, but even the best cared for animal will eventually die.

-Nuisance kills - it sometimes happens that wildlife refuses to accept that humans have encroached on their territory and it fights back, endangering humans or other animals. I work with a couple of animal abatement specialists whom I know to only dispatch wildlife once all other measures have been taken.

-Highway fatalities - roadkill just sounds so crass.

-Foraging - I enjoy nature walks and kayaking. I rarely return without some dead thing or another.

Each anthropomorphic mummified art doll comes with a certificate of origin. You will know precisely how and where it came from..

3. What is the difference between taxidermy and mummification?

Taxidermy uses only the skin of an animal, fitted over a mount made of wood, plastic, foam - anything but the actual animal, really. Mummification preserves the entirety of the specimen through a proprietary blend of chemicals, heat, air, and time.

4. Eww. So the brain is still in there?

No. When I prep an animal for it's chemical nap, I remove the brain, eyes, and any parts that are undesired or too damaged to use. I've found that when left inside and mummified, a brain can turn loose from the skull and make a disconcerting rattling sound. If you think you'd like that sound, just let me know during the design process and I can introduce some ball bearings to the inside of the noggin. 

5. How does one take care of a mummy?

The short of it is this: keep it dry and in a place with air circulation.  Your bathroom and wine cellar are not ideal. Each doll also comes with instructions and the proper care and feeding of your mummy.

6. Where do you find clothes to fit a mummified raccoon?

I searched the internet high and low for just such couture, and it couldn't be found. I believe it is safe to say I've cornered that market.

Continuing with the theme of sparing no waste, whenever possible I use fabrics repurposed from thrift-store garments.

7. How much does it cost to ship something like this?

If you order from within the continental U.S., priority shipping is included.  If you're outside of the U.S., the cost of shipping, customs, and taxes are not included and can vary wildly.  Check your local laws regarding what animals are allowed to be imported, and then drop me a line to add international shipping to the listing you choose.

8. How did you even get into this?

It is neither a straight, nor short road that leads to mummifying animals, my friend. Buy me a drink sometime and I'll tell you all about it.